Andra Tevy Réalisatrice / Cadreuse / Monteuse

00:00 Opening
00:12 Introduction
01:05 Flash Q/R
02:05 Don't look up
02:50 Q1: When did you first become aware of environmental issues?
04:04 illustration
04:15 Q2: large corporations
06:06 Q3: So should we just throw in the towel and accept we can’t do anything?
08:13 Illustration (space)
08:23 Q4: Are people like Elon Musk and Richard Branson right to start looking outward?
10:50 Q5: not done enough to keep the average world temperature rise below 1.5% . But is it all doom and gloom?
13:45 Q7: Do you see that passion for change coming from the students at TBS?
15:38 illustration
16:59 Q6: So tell me about CAP – the TBS Climate Action Programme
18:45 Q9: Why should I be excited as a potential student to get involved in CAP?
19:24 Student not interested
19:51 Q11: The war in Ukraine seems to have caused the west especially, to start taking renewable energies seriously.
23:11 Q12: what do you think will be the big advance in science or thinking that will bring about change?
26:35 Q13: Alumni
27:49 Q14: what would you say to them to encourage them to treat this issue as apriority?
29:43 Q15: potential students - what will you say to them?
31:18 Q16: Where can people go to learn more about CAP and your work?