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In 2023, the European Finance Association (EFA) held its 50th Annual Meeting. To celebrate its semi-centennial conference, the EFA invited three Nobel Laureates to discuss 50 years of Financial Economics, both past and future. This video captures the discussion in full.

Nobel laureates: Oliver Hart (Harvard), Bengt Holmström (MIT), and Paul Milgrom (Stanford)
Moderator: Albert J. Menkveld (VU)
Hosts: Dhaya Lakshminarayanan and Sammy Obeid

This event was co-produced by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the European Finance Association and

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0:00 - Introduction by comedians
6:27 - Opening remarks by Albert Menkveld
7:53 - What has financial economics done for society?
19:23 - The next 50 years of financial economics
23:13 - The impact of AI and digitization
32:33 - Are models in finance too simple?
42:57 - Reproducibility in science
57:05 - What is the biggest mistake you’ve made?
58:24 - Who will be the next Nobel laureate in Economics?
59:47 - Climate change
1:08:22 - Cryptocurrencies, digital assets and decentralized finance
1:09:35 - What should financial economists be working on now?
1:10:46 - Market power and competition
1:12:58 - Closing remarks by Albert Menkveld
1:14:34 - Wrap-up by comedians

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